Advisory services

Your internal and external stakeholders are longing to see the core of what you do. Visual storytelling gets them right up close to the action. Field Reporter allows you to co-ordinate large-scale strategies that still retain the intimacy and energy of great storytelling.

But how does one go about this? How to enable that your staff to become great storytellers? How to structure this for improved stakeholder engagement? How to build a knowledge lab to accelerate learning?

We want you to get the most you can of this specialised tool and for that reason offer our expertise in storytelling strategy, training and technology. We have a full set of skills and expertise that optimise your capability to use storytelling and visual reporting.

Our expertise

Strategy development
We work with you to see how visual storytelling can best work for your organisation, what additional processes might need to be put in place and how it can integrate with current communication and reporting systems. We show you how you can improve visibility, decision-making, customer loyalty and increase *organisational learning*. We provide you with the strategic tools so visual reporting and storytelling can make a powerful, organisation-wide impact.
Implementation & Training
You can outsource the actual capturing of (video) content to us. We can also train you (or your staff) to become better storytellers, an essential skill to engage audiences. This can be combined with training on the job, to deploy these new skills independently.
ICT systems & integration
Ensure that reports are automatically published to personal profiles Customise data collection and integration in existing structures